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How Ruba Botanica came to be

In case we haven't properly met yet ...

My name is Ruba and I am the founder of Ruba Botanica, a herbal skin care line that is formulated completely by me.

I truly believe in supporting my clients on their skin care journey; often real life gets in the way and we neglect ourselves in favour of taking care of everyone else. Consider me your number one cheerleader when it comes to creating small, easy, and consistent skincare habits that'll better your everyday life.

I am a budding herbalist and it was through my herbal studies that I got inspired to create Ruba Botanica. My moment of true inspiration came to me when I was feeling very frustrated with my own hair loss and unhealthy skin. I had tried EVERYTHING. No expense spared to try to fix my hair and skin issues but nothing worked. I created these products to help myself and those closest to me.

After seeing amazing results on myself, my family and close friends, I knew I had to share my creations with the world.

I want you to benefit from them as well!

I am also a wife and a mama to two amazing boys. I am fascinated by the world of plants and finding new ways to incorporate them in my products.

Come say hi to me on Instagram: @ruba.botanica would love to connect with you.