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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hello, my lovely Queens!

I will be designing gift bags for my clients for Mother's Day and I have a few awesome suggestions for you, pre-packaged and priced, ready to go! To place you order on any of the gift ideas here, please call, email or message me on Instagram.

Sweet Mama Gift Bag - Valued at $33, Get it for $30

Face Mist - Hydrating Rose

Made with nourishing and hydrating Mediterranean rose hydrosol will help give your skin a burst of hydration whenever needed throughout the day!

Mini Face Oil - Calming Chamomile

Chamomile infused oil can help with multiple skin issues like acne, acne scars, rosace, and more. It is moisturizing and hydrating. Helps diminish blemishes and dark circles. Evens skin tone, prevents acne, soothes skin irritations and give the appearance of a beautiful healthy and glowing skin!

Lip Balm - Berry Cute

The Mother's Day Special - Valued at $26, Get it for $20

Why not spoil all the beautiful mamas in your life with a flower garden bath salt and our famous calming chamomile face oil!

and I saved the best, ultimate gift for last -

Mama's Relaxing Spa Day - Valued at $86, Get it for $75 - BEST VALUE!

Clay Mask - Facial Detox 

You only need to do this once a week to notice a huge difference in the overall health of your skin! If you suffer from large pores, have too many white and black heads and congested skin, you need to grab one of these! Clay acts like a dirt magnet. It pulls out excess sebum, dirt and grime that is clogging your pores.

Body Butter - Rose & Frankincense

Great for dry, itchy, irritated skin, including eczema and psoriasis. Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. 

Face Toner - Soothing Botanicals

It's made with alcohol free witch hazel infused with a blend of skin nourishing botanicals. Toners help make sure there is nothing left on your face after cleansing but it's also extremely nourishing and has amazing skin repairing properties. Did I mention that it tightens your skin, makes it look toned and fresh? Also extremely soothing, especially on irritated skin.

Mini Face Oil - Calming Chamomile

Flower Garden - Bath Salt

Give your mama the gift of peace, quiet, and sexy skin.

With love,


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