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All about Magnesium Oil



I have been raving about magnesium oil for a while now and I can't stop telling people about it! I use it on myself and my whole family every single day and I have no plans of ever stopping! 

Magnesium is not naturally occuring in our body, that means we depend on external sources to obtain it. Other sources being from food! Now the problem is that our food nowadays is so depleted from magnesium that no matter how much we try to eat food that is "rich in magnesium" we are still not getting enough. The soil our food grows in is heavily sprayed that there is barely enough magnesium in there for us to benefit from.

That explains why so many health stores are now selling and promoting magnesium supplements. Because the majority of us are deficient and need to supplement.

Magnesium however is best absorbed when applied topically. A few sprays of magnesium oil on your skin is all you need to enjoy it's benefits.

What are those benefits?

So many!! But here's a few.

  • Eases anxiety and depression, not enough magnesium in our body can often show up in anxiety and depression like behaviour. Magnesium oil can help improve the level of magnesium in your blood and help support and calm your nervous system.
  • Promote a good night's sleep. If you suffer from insomnia or just don't feel like you are getting a restful sleep, magnesium calms the nervous system and helps get rid of stress and tension in the body so you can rest better.
  • It helps regulate nerve and muscle functions, think muscle weakness, spasms, leg cramps.
  • Relieves migraines. People who have reoccurring migraines are most likely very low in magnesium. A few sprays on the shoulder or back of the neck can help reduce the pain and hopefully reduce migraines in your life!

These are just a few benefits, but the list goes on!

What I love about the magnesium oil is that your body absorbs it and knows exactly what to do with it. Day to day you might think you are not feeling any changes but with time you will notice that it gets rid of so many symptoms. Stay consistent and do it daily. Our bodies rely on us to supplement it.

Ruba Botanica will soon carry Mind + Body Magnesium Oil. It will be available for purchase next week. Stay tuned and make sure to grab one.

Full disclosure, I am not a health professional, please speak to your Dr if you have any questions or concerns about this product. 

 Have a calm and restful day! 

Ruba oxo

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