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Dry VS. Dehydrated Skin

Did you know that dry skin and dehydrated skin aren’t the same thing? Dry skin and dehydrated skin share many of the same attributes such as tightness, roughness, flakiness, scaling, redness, and sensitivity. However, they are actually very different skin concerns with different underlying causes and require different treatments.

Dry is considered a skin type, whereas dehydration is a skin condition that can happen to any skin type. Oily skin can experience some dehydration, a lack of oil in the skin and a weak lipid barrier are the usual signs of dry skin. However, a lack of water in your skin is commonly thought of when thinking of dehydrated skin.

How do you recognize the signs of both so you can ensure you are taking the best care of your skin?

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you'll notice it is impaired and moisture that would normally keep your skin soft and supple is escaping, allowing germs to settle in. Dry skin happens when there is a lack of oil present in the skin which will weaken the barrier, leading to a loss of moisture. This will cause the skin to become scaly, flakey and feel awful to touch. The focus should be on replenishing your lost moisture and oil. Using natural oils rich in omega,m, Vitamin E and B, among others, will help with optimal hydration. Avoid sulfates and soap-based cleansers, alcohol based toners, strong exfoliating acids, and abrasive scrubs.

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin lacks water in the skin and it can be oily, or normal skin that doesn’t have water due to use of harsh products that strip the skin of water. This will leave your skin feeling tight and dull looking. It will also start to flake. Your routine will consist of replenishing water reserves and then locking that hydration in. Adding ingredients that hydrate your skin will also help boost circulation, bringing water from within to the surface of your skin. Ingredients to consider are Glycerin, Vitamin A, natural oils and Panthenol to name a few. Avoid sulfates and soaps, astringents, foaming cleansers and all overly drying clay masks.

Avoid dry and dehydrated skin and stay fresh!


- Ruba

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