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How Rhassoul Clay Masks Work

What is it?

Rhassoul clay is a type of clay that some people utilize as a cosmetic product for their skin and hair. It’s a brown clay that is found in a valley in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The term comes from an Arabic word meaning to, “to wash”.

It has been used for over a thousand years as a cosmetic ingredient by many different cultures. Sometimes, it is referenced as Moroccan red clay or ghassoul clay, a magnesium-rich clay that contains other minerals.

Benefits of Rhassoul Clay:

It is full of metallic elements that carry a negative charge. This energy draws out positively charged toxins and bonds to them so that when you wash the clay away, the toxins purportedly go with it. For this very reason, it is used a detoxifier for skin and for hair.

For your skin:

Gurus swear that magnesium can be absorbed through your skin barrier to fight acne, cleanse impurities, and improve skin elasticity. There were three small clinical trials which concluded that skin complication in people who have an ostomy can be treated with rhassoul clay. Researchers also suggest that it can act as a protective barrier when eliminating toxic substances to which the skin is exposed.

For your hair:

Rhassoul clay contains silica, a component of sand. This can act an exfoliant, and gives hair a glossy sheen. It also cleanses impurities from the scalp as well as excess oil. At the same time, the exfoliating and conditioning properties of rhassoul clay could work to condition hair and give it volume.

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